Drink Of The Week

Drink of the Week – Full Song – Vera Peterson
EpisodeDrinkChef’s ScoreCoach’s Score
BDAB PreviewBota Box Sauvignon Blanc6.26.0
ChristmasSam Adams – White Christmas4.55.2
New Year’sImperativo – Prosecco 7.56.9
Grover Drops an F-BombWhite Claw Seltzer Water – Black Cherry5.88.1
The Girls Are GoneLienenkugel – Berry Shandy4.23.4
Dog Days Of Janurary

Bell’s – Two Hearted Ale9.29.2
Surprise Guest (Hint: It’s Donald Trump)JJagermeister – Jager Bomb8.54.7
Sleeping With ShaqElysian – Space Dust8.08.2
Spread the LoveSame Adams – Boston Lager7.98.9
Cabs Are HereSweetwater IPA7.910.0
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