Drink Of The Week


Drink of the Week – Full Song – Vera Peterson

EpisodeDrinkCoach’s Score
It Is What Cadiz (Guest Host – Chelsea Peterson)Crispin – Rose´ Hard Cider5.9
Corny Boys (Guest – Adler Lentz)Smith and Lentz – German Pils8.6
Cinnamon RollingWicked Weed Brewing – Smashville Golden Ale6.0
After The Wigs Fall OffCrosstown Brewing – Traffic IPA 7.8
Gym BeefMiller High Life8.9
Cyrogenic FeetWhite Claw – Raspberry7.0
Millennial BlessingsSweetwater – G13 420 Strain IPA9.8
Clint Eastwood MumblersJackalope – Bear Walker Maple7.2
Fat Kid Hook Shot (Guest – Francis Ellis)Fireball Whiskey8.8
Trapped in a Haboob (Guest Host – Danielle Breezy)Corona Light 4.3
Loud Pipes (Guest – Anthony Fenech)Rogue – Dead Guy Ale7.3
Ding Dong Ditch (Guest Host – Dave Brewington)Crown Royal Reserve7.5
Graveyard DetectorsDeep Eddy – Lemon9.1
The Devil’s PantsCigar City – Jai Alai9.5
Pickin’ PartiesArrington Vineyards – Russel Merlot7.9
Bishop HeatersPabst Blue Ribbon4.6
Muscular CougarMakers Mark8.9
Hammock If Ya Got ItTerripan – Up Hi IPA6.5
PodX LiveBudweiser – Bud Light8.8
The Earth is Flat (Guest – Sabrina Ponte)Sam Adams – Summer Ale5.9
Bring Dad a Bronco (Guest – Zach Terrell)Bell’s – Oberon8.7
Chicken Balls QuesadillaFounders – Stout Ale7.3
Jelly Mummy (Guest – Ian Hunt)Badissa – Pinot Grigio8.4
So Southern (Guest – Miranda Southern)Fat Bottom – Wallflower Spring Saison7.3
Lost CowNew Heights – IPA6.9
Fat Bottom Boys (Guest – Drew Yeager)Fat Bottom – 2hop Shakur8.7
Above the Mason-Dixon (Guest – Kelly Bandas)Arrington Vineyards – Cabernet Sauvignon5.0
Caprisee Just DiedSingle Speed – Victory Dance IPA (Coach) and Blurr IPA (Chef)8.7
Bear Can (Guest – Stu Douglass)Guinness – Draught Stout8.2
Fake Poop (Guest – Bella Raye)Terripan – Luau Krunkles IPA4.9
Shower BeersBlackstone Brewing – Fancy Boy New England IPA7.9
Lost Clicker (Guest Host – Trevor Rosen)New Belgium – VooDoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA6.3
Cabs Are HereSweetwater – IPA10.0
Sleeping With ShaqElysian – Space Dust8.2
Surprise Guest (Hint: It’s Donald Trump)Jagermeister – Jager Bomb4.7
Dog Days Of JanuraryBell’s – Two Hearted9.2
The Girls Are GoneLienenkugel – Berry Shandy3.4
Grover Drops an F-BombWhite Claw Seltzer Water – Black Cherry8.1
New Year’sImperativo – Prosecco6.9
ChristmasSam Adams – White Christmas5.2
BDAB PreviewBota Box – Sauvignon Blanc6.0

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