Binge or Cringe

Show/MovieProfessional WatcherBinge or CringeAnalysis
The Tennessee Kid CoachBingeOne of my favorite current comedians.
Raid 2 ChefBingeLove kung-fu originals.
ChernobylCoachCringeToo slow.
Bad BloodChefCringeTried to fill the Soprano’s void… didn’t work.
I Think You Should Leave NowCoachBingeWatched the whole season in 2 nights. Drop dead hilarious.
NashvilleSabrina PonteBingeThe show a lot real spots in Nashville.
Black SummerChefBingeBlows Walking Dead out of the water.
GoonCoachBingeReady to watch Goon 2.
Ted Bundy DocumentarySabrina PonteBingeHuge crush on 17 year old Zac Effron.
Detective PikachuChefBingeI’m ready to go back to the movies and watch it again.
Twilight SeriesChefBingeBinge, Binge, Binge
ItChefCringeQuick cringe
BoratCoach CringeDoesn’t hold up in it’s entirety.
Sons of Anarchy ChefBingeSecond favorite show of all time.
BacheloretteCoachBingeMy guilty pleasure… GUILTY!!
The MegChefCringeTook him 3 nights to finish it.
HomeCoachBingeThe Boov!
Home ImprovementChefBingeTim Allen is Chef’s spirit animal.
NBA PlayoffsCoachBingeRegular season sucks, playoffs good!
Ralph Breaks the InternetChefBingeYou will laugh. You will cry. You will be scared.
MineCoachBingeGuy steps on a mine and can’t move. Great movie for guys.
Soprano’s ChefBingeAYE! OH!
Key and PeeleCoachBingeBest sketch comedy show since the Chappelle’s Show
Triple Frontier CoachCringeGreat trailer from Netflix but the movie was buns and way too slow.
Gnomeo and Juliet ChefBingeGarden nomes that play hilarious tricks and antics on each other.
AP BioCoachBingeGlenn Howerton from Always Sunny and it’s hilarious.
Castle RockChefCringeA whole bunch of Stephen King characters in this town.
InceptionChefBingeLeo is a dreamboat.
We are MarshallBella RayeBingeTear jerker but very good.
The Blind SideBella RayeBingeOnly movie she’s re-watched in her entire life.
The Magic PillCoachCringeYou’ll be convinced to change your life and then you won’t.
Full HouseChefBingeHave mercy! How rude! Danny Tanner give great advice.
New GirlBella RayeBingeSimilar to “Friends” and watches it 24/7
Bob’s BurgersCoachBingeFunny show, love the main character’s voice… same as Archer
NotebookChefBingeGreat movie, Netflix messed up the ending in the UK.
Behind the CurveCoachCringeThe earth is round, funny at the beginning.
DexterChefBingeIf you love watching people getting murdered.
Flip or FlopCoachCringeToo predictable, always over budget.
McGruberTrevorBingeFirst 10 minutes is hard to get through but then it’s amazing.
Step BrothersChefBingeWith the stories.
Banned: The Legend of AJ1CoachBingeThe contract negotiations for MJ were fascinating.
OzarksTrevorBingeI should be watching season two.
Game of ThronesTrevorBingeInstantly addicted on the bus with the band.
Narcos (Original)ChefCringeCouldn’t get into the second season, I knew Pablo was going to die.
The Ted Bundy TapesCoachCringeI fell asleep multiple times during this show.
Jersey ShoreChefBingeCabs are here! GTL baby!
Handmaids TaleCoachBingeThis one is soon to be a classic. One of my favorite shows of all time.
The DepartedChefBingeA classic worth watching over and over.
Farenheit 11/9CoachCringeGood watch, but only once.
Hotel ArtemisChefCringeGood murdering movie, only worth watching once.
Wreck it RalphCoachCringeGood movie, good enough, watch it once but not again.
Stranger Things ChefBingeIt would be 5 or 5 in my top 10.
Brooklyn 99CoachBingeOne of my favorite shows ever.
FyreChef and CoachBingeApproach each day with the confidence of Ja Rule and Billy McFarland.
Ready Player OneChefBingeBook is better, open a book people.
Toy StoryCoachBingeGreat kids movie, easy to watch for adults too.
True DetectiveChefBingeDM Chef for his HBO credentials.
7 Days OutCoachCringeUnless you are interested in the topic, it’s boring.
Equalizer 2ChefCringeObvious cash grab.
White Boy RickCoachCringeDon’t buy it, don’t rent it, don’t watch it.
Game of ThronesChefBingeGreatest show of all time.
Surviving R. KellyCoachBingeCringey show but you need to see it.
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