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Guess Who’s Back?

Act like you didn’t immediately start singing to yourself…Back again. Shady’s back. Tell some friends…I know I did. It’s great to be back connecting with you, my dear reader. I hadn’t even realized it had been so long until I was told by upper management that I needed to start blogging, “or find a new podcast to slowly burn to the ground.” So here I am.

My topic struck me last week when a female celebrity crush of mine answered my ever-long barrage of dm’s begging her to come on the show. I KNOW RIGHT! She’s still thinking about it…..but still a win in my book! Sooooo, I got to thinking about my two female celebrity crushes, which led to me thinking about my never ending stream of male crushes. I was a bit perplexed. What did it all mean? Lets dive in and maybe we’ll find some answers. (God I hope we don’t find answers.)

Lets start with the lucky ladies….local meteorologist Danielle Breezy and supermom Jennifer Garner!


My female crushes are pretty self explanatory, at least to me. I think I’m just naturally drawn to beautiful, strong, accomplished Women. I’m married to one, and these two are very similar to her. I’m not into the typical “bombshell” that graces the walls of dirt balls all across America. Baywatch? Meh. Give me Garner in a cardigan dropping her kid off at school. Nice. What I’m having trouble with is these fine gentleman.


Ya know what. I don’t think I want to go any further. It’s pretty obvious there’s nothing wrong with me. carry on. Or just sit there and stare at touchdown Tommy Brady on a shag couch. A shag couch! Where do you even find one of those? I guess when you’re Tom Brady shag couches find you. And Gosling, I mean La La Land! ugh, soooo good. But that’s enough, gonna leave it alone. But Leo and Brad, wow. Doing a Tarantino flick set in the summer of ’69? coincidence?! I guess not, I mean the plot revolves around the Manson family murders and that did happen in ’69. But I mean, come on, act like you didn’t…..I mean…let’s not go there. Am I digging a hole? Did I mention I love my wife?

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