Gymnasium Lifesaver

Last week I got a gym membership. Good for me right? Coach finally going to get back in shape. Pump. Those. Brakes.

Yes, a work-out here n’ there wouldn’t hurt the ole’ spare tire. The gym I joined has so many benefits besides the fact that I can get my butt up on a treadmill a couple times a week.

I joined this gym (that will remain nameless unless they pay me for a sponsorship) 6 days ago. I have been here 6 times. Committed!! Kinda. To be completely honest one of the biggest reasons I joined was because included in my membership dues is 2.5 hours of childcare each day. Also gives me a chance to do stuff like write this blog. Look, I’m here now:

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a stay at home dad. LOVE IT. However, for my own mental sanity, getting these minions out of the house for play time without dad each day has been a God send. They get to hang out with other kids and play and daddy gets a little “me” time.

I’ve been able to play basketball twice this week which is two more times than I’ve been able to play since moving to Nashville. It was great. I love playing pickup hoops. My game has fallen off from the low level it was at to begin with, but I still love it. And when I’m done balling:

Locker room. Oh my. Sounds weird to like a locker room. Minus the oddly shaped old men walking around with the mushrooms hanging out, the locker room is amazing. Nice showers, towel service and all the things a guy would need to freshen up. I’m getting my money’s worth just off the body wash I’m using each month. At least 5 pumps of B.W. for each quadrant of my body and 10 pumps for the torso area. Plus they have spray deodorant, shaving supplies, mouth wash, hair spray and more! My own little personal spa.

I take my time.

Speaking of spas, they have that here too. And a cafe. And a pool. And another pool with waterslides. And bars with actual alcohol. And classes. Which is what my wife loves the most I think. Yesterday we did hot yoga together and it was awesome. She did great and I was there too.

My vibe the whole class.

To be honest I don’t know how I survived life before this place. Quick shout out to my good friend Megan for hooking up the membership. I love this place!

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  1. My reasons for going to the gym are spot on with yours! Do some yoga, basketball, a yummy snack for the kids… your gym sounds amazing.

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