Top 10 Top 10’s Since ’10

In honor of all the drafts that took place last week (NBA, NHL, BDAB), I decided to put together a list. I’m big on lists. I think they ignite debate and they make information easily digestible.

I was really excited about the NBA draft so Thursday night I made a list of top 10 players drafted in the top 10 since 2010 for no apparent reason. When looking at the list, I decided which guy was the best pick at each draft slot, so I looked at all the guys drafted #1 and made my decisions from there, and moved down the list.

I never planned on sharing it with anyone except the people on Flick Chat (join me there) but I also haven’t wrote a blog in a while. Plus, I’m sitting on this golden nugget of an NBA Draft debate topic so here it is:

First Team
#1 Anthony Davis – 2012
#2 Victor Oladipo – 2013
#3 Jason Tatum – 2017
#4 Kristaps Porzingis – 2015
#5 DeMarcus Cousins – 2010
#6 Damian Lillard – 2012
#7 Julius Randle – 2014
#8 Stanley Johnson – 2015
#9 Kemba Walker – 2011
#10 CJ McCollum – 2013

Second Team
#1 Kyrie Irving – 2011
#2 Brandon Ingram – 2016
#3 Joel Embiid – 2014
#4 Aaron Gordon – 2014
#5 Jonas Valanciunas – 2011
#6 Marcus Smart – 2014
#7 Greg Monroe – 2010
#8 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – 2013
#9 Gordon Hayward – 2010
#10 Paul George – 2010

Please note that these are not teams that you should be choosing from. These are first team and second team like all star voting. The first team are the top tier guys and the second team is just below that.

I also thought, “Hey! Why not make a worst team too?” This list will be filled with guys you don’t know and probably some guys I don’t know too. So even though I never did that Thursday, heres that list as well:

Worst 1st Team
#1 Anthony Bennett – 2013
#2 Derrick Williams -2011
#3 Otto Porter Jr. – 2013
#4 Dion Waiters – 2012
#5 Thomas Robinson – 2012
#6 Jan Vesely – 2011
#7 Bismack Biyombo* – 2011
#8 Frank Ntilikina – 2017
#9 Noah Vonleh – 2014
#10 Elfrid Payton – 2014
*did not make that name up.

Worst 2nd Team
#1 Markelle Fultz – 2017
#2 Lonzo Ball – 2017
#3 Derrick Favors – 2011
#4 Dragan Bender – 2016
#5 Mario Hezonja – 2015
#6 Jonathon Isaac – 2017
#7 Ben McLemore – 2013
#8 Marquese Chriss – 2016
#9 Jakob Poeltl – 2016
#10 Jimmer Fredette – 2011

So there you have it. We all love a good list and I just gave you four great ones.

I’m dying to hear where everyone thinks I went wrong, who’s actually good on my worst lists, and any other comments that will hurt my feelings and keep me up at night. Let me know in the comments below or better yet, share it on your social media and call me an idiot so more people read it!


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  1. So help me out here Coach since I follow only curling; which #1 NBA picks made a difference to the NBA?

    • First of all, curling is a top 5 sport for me and one of my favorites to watch late night on NBC Sports. John Shuster is an absolute animal.

      There are a few #1’s overall that have had a big impact on the league. Starting with the 2 guys I listed (Davis and Irving). I’m also a huge fan of Andrew Wiggins in Minnesota who was traded after he was drafted by Cleveland. John Wall has helped Washington a lot and he’s a free agent this year. He also helped build Adidas to become a powerhouse is the shoe sale game. Karl Anthony-Townes also in Minny has been huge literally and figuratively. I would also mention Ben Simmons who is poised to have an impact on guard play in the NBA with his size. A changing of the guard if you will.

      • Curling is a slow way to teach team defences and set up for the buzzer shot. Golden State could have tied the sixth game with a little curly magic!

        Thanks coach Kent You know your Game. A lj ways impressed.

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