The Nugget Club

Tomorrow, Chef and I are going eat 100 chicken nuggets. We will be filming. It will be posted. But only on Flick Chat.

Our growing community of members on Flick is what started this whole thing. I bet one of the developers of Flick, Mike, that we could get 100 users in the first 4 days of announcing it to our people. I’m happy to say we got to 103 with the quickness.

So Mike has to buy a t-shirt (which you should too, promo code in Flick) and I upped the ante on the pod by saying if we get there by Sunday, we’d eat 100 chicken nuggets.

Join us tomorrow, when we will be posting the video of stuffing our faces. It’s going to be awesome. We love our people. We love our interacting with y’all. We have so much love.

Oh, and we posted the pod early. “Ep-26 Hammock If Ya Got It” is out now. Check it out. Here’s Spotify and iTunes links.



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