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I’m sure at this point, people that listen to the pod are getting tired of us talking about it. But “it” is finally here.

Tomorrow, Chefrey and myself will be heading down to the Music City Center to set up our booth for PodX. The goal of the booth is two-fold.

Our biggest goal is to expose podcast fans to our show. Personally, I think we are finally at a point where our audio matches the level of our content and they are both good, sometimes even great.

Our second motive is getting that moola baby. Well kinda. We have a decent amount of merch finally available and it’s the first time we will actually be selling it to humans as opposed to just giving it away to people. Realistically, we aren’t trying to get rich this weekend but if we are going to have a booth, why not capitalize?

Oh and we are giving away a Yeti cooler. And this bad boy is a beast. We are talking the Tundra 65 – sea foam colored, an insulated rectangle of coldness. Someone is going to get this bad boy for free. Thanks again Academy Sports and Outdoors!

We also have a live show on Saturday. Super “exciting” I guess I’ll call it. Although, to be honest, I’m pretty nervous. Partially because we’ve never performed in front of a crowd and partially because we haven’t written an outline for what we are even going to talk about. Please leave suggestions in the comments. Just kidding. But seriously, leave those comments.

If for some reason you are near Nashville or you want to make a road-trip to come see us, click here for tickets… and make sure you enter promo code “dad” at checkout for 10% off.

All that being said, if you aren’t coming to PodX, why the hell would you be excited. Here’s why: because we are going to be posting like crazy. Make sure you are following us on Instagram aka The Gram so you’ll have a chance to see some behind the scenes action starting tomorrow.

So we are excited. And hopefully if you are a friend or family or fan (is there a difference at this point?) you should be excited too.

PodX. It’s here. Get hype.


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  1. Ideas: Fear of public speaking, famous first times (of anything), Dad so hard, that dream where you’re in your underwear in front of a huge audience. . . . Tan lines? Random

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