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When I got home from Easter weekend on Monday night, I popped some Pizza Rolls into the air fryer. I was starving and Totino’s Pizza Rolls never let me down. I once ate 112 Pizza Rolls in an hour to prove my love for them and to settle a bet. But that’s a story for another blog. 


Back to Monday night and I finished the rolls. About an hour later I was still hungry. The easy meal options I had were the classic melted cheese over tortilla chips or a pizza lunchable. Chips were the obvious choice because I just ate a pizza based “food” less than 60 minutes prior. Nay, I went for a double pizza night and devoured that lunchable.

My double pizza snack fest got me thinking more about pizza. I’ve had a lot in my day. Many different establishments and even more combinations of toppings. I feel like I’m a pizza expert and it’s time to get my top pizzas on a list. Everyone loves a good list. And everyone loves pizza. So you’re welcome on both accounts. 

#6: Little Caesar’s – Round Hot n’ Ready (Pepperoni)

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Quite frankly I’m tired of the Hot n’ Ready slander. I’ve heard people describe this pizza as cardboard inside of cardboard. It’s not that bad. Admittedly, it’s not that great either. When comparing pizzas, however, I take into account a lot of factors. Price and convenience are definitely on the mind. 5 bucks?!?! Hot?!?! And it’s done already?!?! You can’t beat it. LC’s has saved many of us on a drunk night when we were in a pinch. I also have fond memories of skipping school with few buddies and snagging a Hot n’ Ready for lunch. Little Caesar’s… gotta be on the list.

#5 Papa John’s – Round (BBQ Chicken)

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Papa John’s is a crowd pleaser. This is the pizza joint that everyone can get on board with. You may go through upwards of seven other pizza places trying to make your party happy before landing on the mutual shared love of PJ’s. This pizza is nostalgic for me. PJ’s was my family’s go-to on Friday nights growing up. Huge shout out to the garlic butter. Lately though, I have fallen in love with their BBQ Chicken offering. It pairs well with a light beer. This pizza comes with BBQ sauce, bacon, grilled chicken and onions. Those are four of my favorite things. Add cheese and crust and BANG, that’s a good pizza.

#4 Mellow Mushroom – Round (Mighty Meaty)

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.12.43 AM

Meat lovers unite! Mellow Mushroom has a few pizzas that I really enjoy but none more than the Mighty Meaty. There is something about their crust that has me reaching for more. And they pile the toppings on. For the Mighty Meaty, you will get a mouthful of pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon and ground beef. Mellow Mushroom is a little on the pricey side and their in restaurant service is less than desirable. They make up for the deficiencies with some great pie. They also have gluten free crust which Chelsea really appreciates. Thanks Mellow ‘Shroom!

#3 Antico – Round (Any toppings… I’m drooling) 

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.16.30 AM

I believe Antico is only found in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. In fact, to my knowledge, they only have two locations – one in the heart of Midtown and one at the ritzy outdoor teenage make-out mall “Avalon” in Alpharetta. Antico is a m-f’in GEM. Bring your own beer?? Say what?? They cook all their pizza’s in some sort of magical Italian wood burning oven and you get a slight smokey burntness on the crust every bite. They only have about six pizzas to choose from and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Family style seating encourages meeting new people during your four minute wait for the ‘za. The cherry on top is the bar of add ons they have up at the front which include garlic, parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, oil and more! If you are a pizza fan and ever find yourself in ATL, check out Antico (not a sponsor) and you can thank me later. 

#2 Jet’s – Square (Hawaiian)

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.14.21 AM

This is my favorite pizza that I can actually go and purchase on a regular basis. The edges of the deep dish are so crisp. The center contains a gooey mixture of cheese, crust and toppings. Their version of Hawaiian has pineapple (belongs on pizza), bacon and ham. Left to my own devices, this would be the only pizza I would ever eat. A lot of people get intimidated by Jet’s greatness but once you learn to overcome those fears, it will be one of your favorite chain restaurants ever.

#1 Lou Malnati’s – Deep Dish (Sausage)

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.15.01 AM

Best pizza my mouth has ever tasted. You are going to have to be a fan of deep dish to enjoy this pie. A true Chicago pizza and probably the only joint on the list that isn’t using over processed ingredients. The sausage can only be described as succulent. The crust is buttery, golden, crispy and in a word – perfect. If you eat the pizza at Lou’s you have the extra benefit of being enthralled in the Chicago scenery as well. It’s utter euphoria. I put it number one on the list based mainly on taste. It’s super inconvenient for me to get my hands on these slices, but it’s still the best in the world.

Honorable mentions:

Hungry Howie’s: aka Famished Howard’s. The crust flavor options are awesome. It always seems to be out of the way to try to get it. Does anyone live within 15 minutes of a Hungry Howie’s? Questionable location choices by Mr. Howard. Decent pizza nonetheless.

Your favorite tiny pizza place that no one has ever eaten at: and I get it. You have some podunk pizza place out on East Ave that I’ve never had and when I tell you I’ve never had it your mind is gonna be blown. I’m sorry I haven’t had every pizza in the world.

Overall pizza is the best food in the world and it’s not open for debate in my mind. There’s a lot of good pizza out there folks, get out there and grab a slice. Life’s short. Eat better pizza. (That’s Jet’s slogan but what a great way to end this blog am I right??)

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