On Monday, Bring Dad a Beer was on our local CBS affiliate, News Channel 5. “Talk of the Town” was the first time Chef and Coach would be on TV and it went off without a hitch. Or did it?

Last Saturday I started thinking, “Shoot, Monday is going to be here soon, I should probably get a babysitter for the twins.” After all my to-go sitters said no for one reason or another, I was forced to go to Next Door- and app for neighborhood people and a small surrounding area. I always have success on this app. I quickly found someone to watch Kam and Sawyer (Vera has school on Monday’s). The babysitter was set to arrive at 8:40 which was perfect because I needed to leave at 9am.

So with the babysitter all set, I was ready to go for Monday. Chelsea was coming to the studio with me so I was excited that she would be there to help with the kids in the morning. She woke me up at 7:45 and gave me a kiss and said goodbye. I woke up so disoriented. Where in the f- are you going? I thought to myself. And then said almost the same thing.

How I Woke Up

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to work babe, it’s Monday.”

“Uhhhh you said you were coming to the studio with me.”

“I am. I gotta go in first and I’ll meet you down there.”

Let’s do a quick recap. I had to leave at 9am. I have two feces-filled-diaper babies waking up soon. A daughter that needs to get her cob-webbed hair brushed, dressed, lunch packed and out the door in the next hour. Oh and I have to be TV ready. I was running around like Henry Hill in Goodfellas when he was trying to make dinner, sell guns, and run from the cops all the while tripping balls off cocaine.

I’ll spare everyone all the fecal matter details from that morning. Let’s just say everyone got cleaned up and where they needed to be. I got Vera off to school and started getting breakfast for the littles. Time for me to get ready. As I’m prepping I started clock-watching waiting for the babysitter. All the sudden it’s 8:45, time to text. Now it’s 8:50, another text. 8:55 comes around, phone call. I got no response from any of these. I start getting nervous because Chelsea is telling me traffic is bad on the way to downtown. I started blowing up all the ladies in the neighborhood to see if someone could come watch my kids.

Thankfully, my brother and sister in law Trevor and Amy were out in Vegas for the ACM awards and their babysitter wasn’t busy. She came over at 9:05 and I assured her my babysitter was on the way. THANK YOU LAUREL. She really saved the day. Long story short, I never heard from my sitter. I’m actually kinda concerned about her. She never called back or texted or anything.

Oh! And during all this chaos I failed to even mentioned that Jeff was violently throwing up all Sunday night and well into the morning before the show. The first text of the day was from him “Dude I’ve been throwing up all morning.” Yeah, I read that about 30 seconds after I found out my wife was outtie for work leaving me behind with three crazies. With Jeff sick, Courtney was in charge of getting the little chefs off to school. She wasn’t having a much better morning than me as she stopped by my house to grab shoes for Landon after attempting to drop him off barefoot.

Driving to the show, every bump we hit Jeff looked like he was going to lose his cookies. He was less than 100% all the way up until we sat down with Lelan. Once the camera was rolling, Jeff hit a switch and turned into a beast. Gotta give this guy props for pushing through.

So it was quite a day to say the least. At one point I thought I’d have to bring the babies to the studio. I was freaking out. Overall though it was one of the best experiences of my life. We had an absolute blast! Made some new friends and got to be on TV. Then as soon as it was over I was back to taking care of kids. What a rollercoaster day!

You can check out the interview if you click somewhere on this sentence.


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