Final 4: Fans

As I’ve mentioned countless times on the pod and in the blog, March is my favorite month. So as the calendar turns over to April, my favorite sporting event of the year is set to finish in the next week. March Madness has once given us some head scratching wins, some phenomenal story lines, and empty wallets due to countless lost bets.

Today I will be dissecting the good, bad and ugly of the four remaining fan bases. Using advanced metrics and my own personal opinion, I will decide who should win the National Championship based off the fans alone. Before I get started, I’d like to say that I barely know any fans from any of these schools except Michigan State and the few stray Auburn fans I used to work with.

(1) Virginia

Virginia is for lovers. That’s about the extent of my knowledge about Cavs fans. UVA fans should be beyond excited they are even in the Final Four. Did I mention they lost to a #16 seed yet this week? I typed in “UVA Fan” on one of my favorite websites, and this was the avitar for the first person who popped up…

This guy looks serious. Looks like the type of fan base that’s ready to get some wins this weekend. Also shoutout to this guy for rocking the Jimmy V pin. Bonus points. UVA out to a huge lead thus far.

(5) Auburn

As mentioned before, I worked with a few Auburn fans in a previous life. I found them all to be very pleasant. They always had realistic expectations for their football team and seemed to actually care about the teams I cheered for. Southern hospitality at it’s finest. The most famous Auburn fan of all is former Auburn hooper Charles Barkley. Love me some Charles. I’m not sure when I’ll ever be able to use this Barkley .gif again so here it is, Chuck taking a couple hacks at some golf balls.

Auburn takes the lead based off the Barkley factor and the fact that their fans have always been nice to me.

(2) Michigan State

This one hits a little close to home. Naturally, as a Michigan fan, I have grown up learning to despise these people. The most notable Michigan State fan in my life is my best friend and best man, Brad. A couple of bonus points for Sparty based on his speech at my wedding. Michigan State fans are loyal to a fault. Regardless of what horrible things take place at their school, they will defend East Lansing to the grave. Hell, even Magic Johnson said (jokingly I think), “We belong to the greatest university in the world, Michigan State University!” Obviously an incorrect statement but it goes to show the loyalty of former players and students. This puts MSU above Virginia but so far but Auburn and the Fighting Barkley’s still have the slight edge overall.

(3) Texas Tech

The only Texas Tech fan I know is my neighbor, Brooke, who also invited us over to watch the game Saturday night. Since she is opening her house to me to drink and watch basketball in their media room (which is bad ass), I will be joining her in cheering for the Red Raiders. I also learned that Tech fans might be riding the deepest this weekend based on a CBS sports article that I glanced over for 10 seconds. That’s shocking to me based on the proximity MSU is to the Final Four location (Minneapolis, MN). The only bad thing going for Tech is that when I typed in “Texas Tech fans” on Google, the first auto-search that populated was “Texas Tech fans are the worst” and everything on the internet is true. Despite the Brooke-factor this weekend, I put Texas Tech last on the list of fans based on Google and my lack of knowledge surrounding them.

Conclusion: In the first game on Saturday, I predict that the fans from Auburn are going to dominate Virginia fans. They will be taking on the loyalists from East Lansing in the “Fan National Championship”. Barkley will have that fan base rabid by Monday and they will edge out Sparty in the finals. If the Final Four came down to fan bases alone, start printing the t-shirts for the Tigers.


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