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Blanky. Blankies. And a Blanket.

So for the past month or so, Coach has been talking about this amazing new blanket he got. “It’s amazing, here try it!”

“Pretty nice, dude.”

“*GASP* You wouldn’t know a good blanket if it hit you in the chest, obviously.”

To be honest, it wasn’t all that. It’s big, more of a comforter than a blanket, in my humble blanket opinion. But to show him the Chef knows what’s up when it comes to comfy pieces of fabric, I’ve put together a list of the best blankets of all time!!!!!

  1. Linus’s blanky – The classic. Peanuts was a staple of almost any person left that was born in the good ole US of A. Linus was no slouch, wise beyond his years, always ready to defend his good buddy Chuck. This blanky was no crutch, I would say it had superpowers.

2. Blanky from The Brave Little Toaster – A childhood favorite of mine and any other kid born between 1980-1984. That movie was Toy Story well before Toy Story. As the appliances dealt with the reality their “owner” had grown up and left them at the summer cottage, they embark on a journey to find him. Blanky was the calm, comforting voice that let you know everything would work out.

3. “Woobie” from Mr. Mom – Yet another 1980’s classic starring the great Michael Keaton. Before he was Batman, he was a stay at home dad. This movie means a great deal to me and the part where Jack takes the woobie away for good will make you cry every time.

4. Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson – Sneaky good nickname. Iconic moment before he was out of diapers. This kid has had a life.

But let’s not stop at blankets. There are many famous security items in pop culture history. Three of my favorites…

Anjelica Pickles “Cynthia”
Ernie’s “Rubber Duckie”
Steffanie Tanner’s “Mr. Bear”
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