Gambling Paradise

There’s a fine line between someone who has a life altering gambling addiction and someone who likes to just have fun. I live my life straddling that line.

March is the most fun month of the year. I love the brackets. I love the crazy games. I love the unknown. Probably most of all, I love gambling on all that stuff. This year, I will probably have my brackets entered into at least 5 different bracket pools. But before I go any further I have a mini-rant. If you fill out more than one bracket, everyone you talk to this March despises you.

“I had Buffalo in the Final Four in ONE of my brackets…”

As a March Madness veteran, I respect the purity that is college athletics… LOL. What I mean by that is, fill out one bracket and stick with it. You will have more respect from people even if your bracket blows. Below is a look at my Elite Eight through the Championship so you guys will all know how bad I am at this or proof that “I called it” when it actually happens. NO COPYING!

I hate my bracket already.

The bracket pools are awesome. This year I learned about something even more awesome. Squares. Unlike the BDAB Bracket Pool, I will be keeping 0% of the money for my first ever March Madness Squares… unless I win of course. The squares work the same as Super Bowl Squares, only you get 61 games to win! What a way to scratch my gambling itch all the way through March!

Current Squares

So you got your bracket pools and you got your squares… Done right? WRONG. Starting Thursday, I will also be gambling on individual games and even some parlays (multiple games to win more money). I use a site that will remain un-named so that the FBI doesn’t figure out about my off-shore accounts.

March, a gamblers Christmas that lasts 3 weeks long. It’s a betting paradise.

With all that being said, gambling is a serious problem that can get you into a lot of trouble financially. Not to get all preachy, but if you are going to partake in any sort of gambling this March, or ever, set yourself some realistic limits. A good rule of thumb for me is to never make a bet expecting to win anything and if you do end up winning, great! Any money I put out this March, I’m fully expecting to lose and I know it will not affect my family.

Best of luck to everyone on their bets this March. Lord knows you are going to need it!

If you think you might have a problem, give these people a call.


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