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I Have Weird “Safe Places”

Safe places. Sanctuaries, you might say. Places I take solace in to regain a sense of isolation. Where I go to find myself.

I’m writing this in one of my safe places, the car wash. Not just any car wash, but a place where you get out of the car and enter a lounge fully stocked with snacks and beer. Yes, beer. It’s 10:30 in the morning but I will absolutely have a light brew because I am in my place of peace. As a stay at home dad you might think my house is a sanctuary after the kids leave for school.


It’s a constant reminder of all of the work I need to do. Toys, clothes, toilets, dog hair… it’s no sanctuary. The bathroom, with the doors locked, lights off, fan on, and my eyes closed…maybe. But here, at the car wash, I regain my sense of independence. Peace.

It’s also calming because it is a place of clean. A place where someone else is cleaning something of mine while I relax. There really is no better feeling. The car wash turns me into a state of euphoric joy. I have other safe places, but none quite like this. Target is a safe place. An expensive one, but a safe place nonetheless. Same with my two other favorite stores, Dicks and Best Buy. I wonder if there are other places I am missing out on. What are your safe places?

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