Fat Boy Friday (Week 4)

If you follow the blog religiously, you’ll know that I didn’t post a FBF update last week. Truth is, I was really busy and really fat. I didn’t even get on the scale. I knew it would be bad. I didn’t feel the urge to write again based on how bad I was doing.

Sup guys?

This week was much better. I weighed in today at 218.3 which is only a little over a pound lost from where I started. Not great for three weeks of “attempting to lose weight,” which was kinda the whole point of this.

Truthfully, putting my journey online hasn’t been motivation enough. However, I feel like a new push will start now. As of yesterday, I was exactly one month away from our big Milwaukee trip. My new goal is simple, lose 10 pounds before we hit the road.

I did pretty good yesterday, a day that ended with a 2 mile run through our very poorly lit neighborhood at 10:30pm. With every step I grew more terrified that a bobcat was going to come out of no where and tear me apart.

Hungry bobcat

Today has also been good. I’ve had a breakfast bar and some cheez-its (not a sponsor and not a good weight loss food). I basically starved myself and I’m trying to muster up the will to go for another bobcat-less run tonight.

I’m really hoping to report some huge news next week with a big drop in weight. Last night, I watched a movie called “The Magic Pill” on Netflix, all about the Keto Diet. Debating trying that for a spin. I’m always up for a new fad.

Worth a shot…

Anyone in the same boat as me, I wish you luck. I wish myself luck. I wish the bobcats luck, just not when I’m running.


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