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Happy Birthday to the G.O.A.T – Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Happy birthday to the first athlete I ever hated. A hatred that would soon grow into admiration, and ultimately end with respect.

I was first introduced to basketball in the late 80’s. Which, living in Detroit, was a great time to be a basketball fan. The Bad Boy Pistons were on top of the basketball world and I was ready for a long stay on top. Then this A-hole came along and ruined everything.

He was flawless. A killer. The most intense athlete this world had ever seen, and in my opinion, ever will. I watched this man’s career through the eyes of a kid. I knew nothing of his personal life so all I had to form that opinion is what I saw on the court. And what I saw…

MJ was 6-0 in finals appearances

Rings, baby. In the words of the already forgotten blow hole Lavar Ball “Nevah lost.”

There has been some talk about LeBron James being the greatest player of all time. It’s a joke.

No I’m not going to start listing a bunch of boring stats. (Like, Lebron has lost as many finals as Jordan won.) Nor am I going to rail on his connection to fans (the people in LA defaced a mural of him hours after it went up). Nor will I take a jab at his fashion sense, you can be the judge…

What I will say, is he’s not a killer. He’s soft. And will never, ever be looked on as a better player than MJ. Happy Birthday.

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