Detroit Lions Homecoming

As I sit here and watch the talking heads of ESPN discuss Antonio Brown’s trade demands, I had an epiphany. While the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise is self imploding, it’s time for Detroit to take advantage of their misfortune and re-build. With a few simple moves, I will show you how I plan to get our beloved Lions into the Super Bowl for the next two years.

For those of you that don’t know, Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in football. He has the ability to go off for three touchdowns on any given Sunday. He also has the ability to carry an owner’s fantasy team directly to a championship if you are lucky enough to get your hands on him. Most importantly, however, he played college football in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. In three years at Central Michigan University, Brown recorded over 100 receptions per season, and a total of 26 touchdowns.

Additionally, Brown’s former Pittsburgh teammate, Le’Veon Bell is an aging halfback but also has the skills needed to put a team on his shoulders. Brown and Bell were two parts of the “Killer B’s” in Pittsburgh that with the help of Ben Rothlisberger, were at one time an AFC powerhouse. Like Brown, Bell attended college in Michigan, spending his Saturday’s destroying the Big Ten. He assisted in changing Michigan State University from a basketball school into a legit football contender.

Here’s where my idea came into play. It’s time to bring the boys home to Michigan and get our home grown talent into some Honolulu Blue’s.

While researching to put together an argument for how to get them back in Michigan, I stumbled across a website called Spotrac. They have an awesome simulator where you can become the GM for any NFL team and makes moves on their behalf, sorta like a video game. Here’s the link for Detroit’s page.

The purpose of this site is for fans to have fun and pretend like they can make roster moves they wish their teams would make. However, I wouldn’t even be slightly surprised if the front office of the Detroit Lions wasn’t tracking fans suggestions on this page. They need all the help they can get! With four quick roster moves, I’ve converted the Lions from a bottom feeder in the NFC, to a potential Super Bowl contender for the next three years.

Here’s what our roster looks like right now:

Current Lions Roster

First up we have to convince Le’Veon to take a slight hometown discount. We would offer him a three year contract at 31.1 million overall, or 10.3 million a year. The offer comes with the chance to restructure in year four and incentives for playoff wins and Super Bowl appearances.

Next up, we convince Pittsburgh to trade us Antonio Brown’s current contract in exchange for Darius Slay and a fourth round pick. The website doesn’t allow you to trade picks, so when you look at the screen shot, assume that’s added. Pittsburgh has an aging defense, so the addition of a Pro-Bowl caliber DB and scoring a decently early round pick could be enticing for the Steelers.

Time to make some cuts. Theo Riddick is gone saving the Lions 3.4 million against the cap. He’s absolutely useless now that we have Bell working the backfield with Kerryon Johnson coming off a stellar rookie season. Imagine how great it would be to have a 1-2 punch of Bell and Johnson in our backfield.

Lastly, we have to get rid of Christian Jones. This is depleting our defense even more but decisions have to be made. We will continue to have one of the worst defenses in the NFL, but our offense would be so powerful, that it wouldn’t matter. We would score 50 points a game, so we just need our defense to get a couple stops each Sunday.

Here’s what everything looks like on paper:

New Lions Roster

I know what you are thinking. Our best players are old and our defense is going to suck. Here’s my rebuttal. Our defense already sucked and so did our offense. It’s also important to keep in mind that we still have 21 million in cap space to sign more defensive players.

Imagine having Stafford, Bell, Johnson, Brown, and we still have Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones coming off an injury, and a decent tight end in Michael Roberts. We’d be stacked!

With these moves, we at least have a powerful offense and a chance to make a playoff push for the next 2-3 years. Sure, it will probably destroy the franchise and set us back 10 years after 2022, but setting us back from what? We have never made it to a Super Bowl, haven’t even won a playoff game in 28 years, and perennially have been the laughing stock team of the NFL.

It’s time to take some chances. It’s time to make some moves. It’s time to bring our boys home. It’s time to Restore the Roar!


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  1. All of this. Yes. Let’s spend all of the money on two years and just give us a chance. We can go back to being disappointed easily enough but at least we can say, remember that one time we were good? Remembering that one time we had deon sanders is really losing its luster for me.

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