Fat Boy Friday (Week 2)

Now only six weeks out from my personal motivation to get under 200 pounds before our big trip to Milwaukee, there is really no good news to report.

Look, I could sit here and blame other people or events on the fact that I didn’t lose any weight this week… and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll skip over last weekend where I just couldn’t really focus on my diet because I straight up didn’t want to.

Monday night wasn’t bad from a food perspective. Then night time came around and the girls wanted to watch “The Bachelor” like they do every Monday night. So I headed next door with no intentions of drinking. Enter Chef and Trevor. Let’s play pool guys! Wait, grab some beers aaaaaand now we are drunk. No worries, re-focus tomorrow.

Tuesday rolls around and I scored Lexus Lounge tickets thanks to our neighbor, Joe. After almost getting him fired for yelling obscenities at his boss’s friend, I spent the rest of the game drowning my embarrassment at the bar with Bud Lights. This week is looking grim.

I knew Wednesday was going to be a bad day. One of the biggest day’s for the BDAB company so far, we had an un-named publication coming to the house to write an article about the pod. While we were shooting our promo video and getting interviewed, they wanted beer involved in every shot. No problem. The night cap Wednesday was a big podcasters networking event in downtown Nashville with a guest speaker. Chef and I thought it’d be a good idea to pre-game this event. More beer. When we got to the event where we were greeted with free beer and pizza. The hits keep coming!

Finish up with yesterday. The kids got their flu shots on Wednesday and I think they accidentally gave them a 48 hour crack cocaine shot instead. They were running up the walls. By 11am, I was ready to get them out of the house. We headed straight for the local pizza place for lunch. That didn’t help. Then my lovely wife wanted to take the kids for ice cream on Valentine’s day and who am I to deny my wife of her holiday wishes? I also cooked her steak and baked potatoes for dinner which I converted into two huge steak and cheese tacos last night.

Here we are at Friday, a crossroads. The numbers weren’t that bad as I only gained 2.2 pounds since last Friday’s weigh in. I need to either focus up and start taking things seriously these next six weeks or just deal with the fact that I’m going to be the fat guy. For purposes of making this blog interesting, I’d like to focus up.

See you all next week.


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