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The Worst Name Ever – Tito.

On last week’s pod I discussed my disdain for local hotspot Tito’s. Although their queso is straight fire, the service and amount of time it takes to make said queso, is well… a dumpster fire. I am clearly not over this fiasco. So let me tell you the next chapter in my saga with this Mexican restaurant…

Not sure I’ve mentioned this, but Chef does CrossFit. It’s a fun and grueling way to shed pounds and build a rock hard physique. While Coach sits at home eating his burritos, Chef is hard at work maintaining his six pack. I mean, one of us has to be the hot one, right?

So yesterday was a workout for the ages. It involved more burpees and shuttle runs than any brain can comprehend. At the end of it I could feel the previous nights pizza and bottle of cabernet churning in my belly. This was happening. I calmly said goodbye to my fellow warriors and headed for the exit. I made it about ten feet before chucking all over the parking lot. As I look up to see if anyone witnessed the carnage, I realize where I am standing. Yup, you guessed it. Right in front of Tito’s.

Sweet revenge? Oh no. This battle has just begun. The Chef never forgets and will hold on to this grudge forever. I will not stop until they start delivering cheese in a cup in a timely manner. To be continued…

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