Fat Boy Friday (Week 1)

The honeymoon stage of new year’s resolutions is over, folks. Big shout out to everyone still sticking to those fake promises you made to yourself on December 31st. For the rest of us, it’s not too late to make a change. And I’m here for you… kinda. I’m actually just here for myself but you can pretend we are doing this together.

So while you are vicariously living through my weight loss journey, I invite you to join me. Who cares if you fell off the wagon 5 weeks into 2019. Let’s not let this slide continue for the entire year.

Words we can all live by was best stated by my brother-in-law, Trevor, when he texted the mantra, “Summer bodies are built in the winter.”

Wow! That stuck with me. Let it stick with you too. Down here in Tennessee, we are a mere 15 weeks away from pool season. That’s plenty of time to make some major improvements.

If I’m going to put myself out there, I think it’s only fair if I share where I’m currently at, where I’m looking to go, and how I plan on getting there.

When I stepped on the scale on January 2nd, the scale asked me to step off it. After some negotiating with her, (I envision my scale as a nice woman from England) she decided to tell me how big I really was. 226.7 is where I started. Whoa. What a load, right? A far cry my ideal body weight of 190. I had some work to do.

Like most people starting out the year, I started dieting and lying to myself about how much I was going to exercise. Unlike most people, the pounds immediately started dropping off. I’ve always had a decently easy time losing the initial 5-7 pounds. Before I knew it I was already down to 217.2 and on the right track. Then the Super Bowl happened. Beers. Wings. Cheese. Burgers. That drop off turned into a week of not-so-great eating.

Fast forward to today and I’ve leveled off a bit at 219.5 and feeling so-so about it. I’m happy to be down 7ish pounds since the beginning of the year but I also know I could have done better. Time for a reset. Time for some realistic goals. I’m 7 weeks away from our big “guys trip” to Milwaukee for basketball, beer and gambling.

The motivation from this trip is somehow really getting to me. The fellas I’m going with (Chef, Brad, & Wally) tossed around the idea of doing a weight loss challenge. After multiple failed attempts at coming up with a prize or a way to determine a winner, it fizzled. I was inspired though. But why? I’m just going to hang out with a bunch of dudes. I think for me it’s because I rarely get to go out in public, and even more rarely get to see these guys. So when we are updating our IG stories, I’d like to not look like a tub of butter.

Quick flashback to last year. Another long year on this constant weight loss battle. I was on a mission to be on #Team199 and became obsessed with being less than 200 pounds. That will be my starting motivation this year again. I’d like to join the #Team199 club again this year before we head out for Wisconsin.

Okay so there’s the goals… how the hell am I going to drop almost 20 pounds in 7 weeks?

I’m going to stop eating like a fat-ass.

I’ve typically had success with counting calories. Although it drives my wife crazy because I won’t eat anything unless I know exactly how many calories it is, counting these arbitrary numbers works for me. From now until we head up north, I’ll be limiting my caloric intake to 1,200 per day. That should do it alone without any exercise. Realistically I’d love to work out more but it’s just not going to happen. Brad often reminds me that “If it’s important to you, you’ll make time for it.” These are great words to motivate but, newsflash, working out isn’t that important to me, hence me never making time for it.

I’m fully expecting people texting me, commenting on my posts, or DMing me advice about how I’m going about this the wrong way and how it’s not a long term solution to my fat boy problems. Guys, I know. I’m stubborn. I’ve already got it in my head that this is what I’m going to do, so that’s how I’m going to do it.

My final goal is to edit the name of this weekly update. Right now I’m calling it Fat Boy Friday. I hope someday I can put out a blog titled Fit Boy Friday. Until then, I’ll be personally shaming myself as a form of motivation and accountability.

For those people that follow BDAB and enjoy our content, I will do my best not to muddy up or feeds with all my weight loss stuff. If you are with me, I’d love to hear about it. However, weight loss is usually a deeply personal thing, and I understand that. So for that person that’s out there struggling, you aren’t alone. I’m with ya… kinda!


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  1. Kentson,
    Mastication and Hydration techniques are featured in my weight loss novel chapter three.

    Chew your food slowly and repetitively counting at least 75 reps per swallow. Drink distilled water with a splash of cyanna pepper and fresh squeezed lemons (ten lemons per gallon). Drink at least one gallon a day, two is what I prefer. You will be so amazed on how welcoming the scale becomes each morning and how much energy you have throughout the day.

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