Sooooo… I like HGTV

Not embarrassed one bit. Act like you fellas aren’t picking between house 1, 2, or 3. Act like like you aren’t telling your wife how hideous that kitchen is. Act like that mid century mod with the pool in the back doesn’t make you want to stand up and say “um, gorge.” Even if I’m way off on my assessment of most men out there, I for one, love design. I also love food and cooking. My name is Chef, after all. But you already know this about me. So let’s dive a little deeper into the Chef’s DNA…

Stunning. Just stunning. The use of plaid on the walls, chairs, tablecloths, couch and lampshade really accent the blood orange carpet.

I kid, I kid! This room actually gave me a seizure. I really do enjoy design and any other form of home building. Construction is in my heart, my soul, my bones. My number one job will always be stay at home dad (SAHD) and the podcast and blog will always have a special place in my life. But The Chef has been working and studying day and night to start a business he has been dreaming about for years. Remodeling spaces for friends, neighbors, family, and even a few strangers over the years and late nights studying to pass a contractors exam has me within months of becoming…

Thats right baby, my hero, Mike Holmes. Minus the experience, muscle, tattoos, overalls, and TV show. Hey, a guy’s gotta start somewhere. It really is something I love to do, and it’s something I feel I can do forever. So even when I’m 80 I can still hop on a jobsite and do straight work, ya feel me?

So, in honor of design and my favorite network, here is the ultimate and definitive top 5 HGTV shows of all time…

1. Holmes on Holmes – No other show gave you a better mix of knowledge, humor, technical skills, and brutal honesty, like Holmes on Homes. He is a Canadian legend, a national treasure, and my #2 man crush behind Touchdown Tommy Brady.

2. House Hunters – The staple. Some might say built the network. It’s been on as long as I can remember and remains a show that gets prime time slots. Name another show that more babies were conceived to while being on in the background. Can’t do it. It’s always on and we still can’t get enough of it. Bravo.

3. Fixer Upper – Where House Hunters grabbed the #2 slot with longevity, Fixer Upper grabbed #3 by being the most popular HGTV show ever. They got so popular, so rich, so fast, that it spawned into their own network. Straight paper money. The Chef sees ya Chip and Jo.

4. Property Brothers – Everybody’s favorite brothers grab the 4 spot with charm, wit, and great hair. Now natives of my hometown, Nashville, I hope to one day collaborate with them. And ask them what salon they go to.

5. Flip or Flop – As much of a reality show as a show about design. We really get into the personal lives and turmoil of Tarek and Christina. A wise man once said “It’s the brightest stars that burn out the fastest,” as this show is doomed due to divorce. Yes, I know they are still moving forward with the show, but it can’t last, right?

So there it is, a little bit more about who I am. I love beer, baseball, and chicken wings. I also love a fine French Bordeaux, interior design, and Wagyu steak. Have I mentioned I CrossFit?


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  1. i like fixer upper the most. Just would like to see it develop with hosts who are more open to our changing culture.

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