The Girls Are Gone: Week Review

If you listened to the pod this week, you’ll know that I was worried about this week. A full week without my wife, Chelsea. I was also without two other support systems, my sisters-in-law, Amy and Courtney. Well the boys hunkered down here on the block and took on this challenge head on. With the ladies returning from the cruise tomorrow, here’s how the week shook out.


Chelsea woke up at the butt-crack of dawn. Disoriented, I gave her a big hug and kiss, told her to have fun and sent her on her way. My niece, Annie, was dropped off on my couch around 7am. I was in charge of taking her and Vera to school today. Kam and Sawyer woke up around 7:30am and the fun began. After changing two catastrophically poopy diapers, I got the big girls dressed. We all packed into the Buick and off to “school” we went at 9am. It’s a church school that they go to on Monday and Wednesday, and these girls need some of that Jesus in their life sometimes. I now had until 2pm with just the babies to get some stuff done around the house. After laying the nuggets down around 11am, it’s cleaning time. It’s pretty incredible how dirty my house can get in one day. Dishes, laundry, sweeping, making beds… the week was off to a good start. Babies woke up at 1pm and it’s time to start getting ready to retrieve the girls from school. I picked them up at 2pm and Annie was here the rest of the night. Surprisingly, I only had to put them in time-out one time for arguing. Nothing monumental happened that afternoon. After getting the babies down for bed at 6pm, I invited the boys over for cards and wings. Great idea. Joe, Trevor and Chef came over and we played Euchre for about three hours, killing a box of wine in the meantime. Monday, complete.


A much anticipated day as we were able to land some glass seats at the Nashville Predators hockey game later today. Vera and Annie refused to wake up because of how late they stayed up the previous night. So after pulling the sheets off the bed, they reluctantly got ready for dance. The babysitter picked them up at 9:30am and again I had a few hours for house maintenance before they would return at 1pm. The rest of the day went off without a hitch, as I patiently awaited our babysitter to arrive at 4:30pm so I could go party at Bridgestone Arena. A couple of quick drinks at Chef’s house before the Uber arrived and we were off. It was Chef’s Dad’s birthday that night and we were surprising him with tickets. He found out early we were going to the hockey game, but he didn’t know we had access to the Lexus Lounge (all you can eat food and drinks) and that we were sitting on the glass.

These seats were unreal and so was the game. It was a blow out for the home team as they dominated the defending Stanley Cup Champs from start to finish. We also ran into my buddy Thomas at the game…

At one point in the game, we actually played cards on the boards. During the second period, we saw it all. We had a fight and one of the best goals I’ve ever witnessed.

In that same period there was a hat trick in which I lost one of my favorite Western Michigan hats. Totally worth it. It was an epic night, one I will not soon forget.


Repeat morning from Monday. Dragging the big girls out of bed, and off to school. Before I even got home, though, Trevor texted me and told me that Geek Squad would be there at 9:15am to fix his internet. I quickly put the babies to bed and headed over to his house to let the Geek inside. I had cameras on the babies so I could keep an eye on them the whole time- don’t call CPS. Meanwhile, I had to call AT&T (not a sponsor) and figure out why my bill was almost $300 this month. As I was on the phone with them, the furniture people arrived at Trevor’s house delivering three couches. It was mass chaos for about 20 minutes. Geek Squad, customer service call and furniture delivery all happening at the same time. Luckily, Trevor returned around 10:15am and I was able to retreat home to finish my hour long conversation with my friends at AT&T. The afternoon was again, uneventful but Vera wanted to stay the night at Annie’s house. So around 7pm I walked her over for the night. When we got there, we met James Slater, one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever hung out with. He’s a Nashville songwriter/artist and you may recognize a song he wrote for Martina McBride and performed for Vera and Scarlett that night:


It was time for Annie and Vera to separate from their four day long vacation with each other. I decided that I would spend this entire day with just my kids. Kam decided that he was going to make my life difficult and proceeded to cry for 90% of the day. I tried everything folks; food, drinks, medicine, asking him nicely to stop- none of it worked. During his spell, we made a trip to Target. I thought black-out curtains in his room would help him nap better that afternoon. I also went ahead and got some food for the rest of the week and before I knew it, I was dropping $215 dollars at the retail trap that is Target. It’s impossible not to spend money there. Kam never stopped, though. No afternoon nap. No happiness when we were eating. Didn’t want to play with me. He was just plain mad. 6pm couldn’t come quick enough. But wait, there’s more: one last tantrum before sleepy time. Kam and Sawyer both need their “loveys” in order for them to enter any type of slumber. She has a bunny and he has a duck. This would, of course, be the night that ducky was no where to be found. I put him in bed with milk at 6pm. I found ducky at 6:45pm buried in a pile of toys in the play room. The kid was screaming the whole time, but there was nothing I could do until I found ducky! After they finally went to sleep, Chef and I sat down with his dad to interview him for the podcast this week. We shared a couple drinks and had an awesome conversation. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!


So that brings us to today. We are about 24 hours away from my partner’s return. But who’s counting, right? Today I have feverishly been cleaning the entire house in and attempt to convince Chelsea that it’s been looking like a 5-star hotel since she left. We are talking mopping, loads and loads of laundry, vacuuming, spot cleaning, the works! This video pretty much sums up my day:

It’s been a crazy week but it’s also been a fun week. Having three or four kids under my watch all week has been exhausting but this is what I signed up for. I often tell people that I’m lucky to do what I do. Someday I’ll be the grumpy old PE teacher at some local Middle School and I’ll never be able to go back and capture these moments. The sleepovers, the games, the running around the house like crazy people… it’s not going to last forever. It’s been a great week, but I’m ready to have my wife back!


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