Bama is Still Winning

Before we get started let’s give Clemson all the credit in the world. Even Dabo Swinney didn’t think that the Tigers would win the natty in a route. That’s not why we are here though. Let’s talk about what no one else is talking about this morning. Alabama is still a damn powerhouse that most fan bases would kill for.

90% of the country loves what just happened tonight. However, in the words of the modern day savant Wacka Flacka, “Real Recognize Real” and if there is one thing I am… it’s real. Alabama is real. There are a lot of people who agreed with me less than 24 hours ago.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a peek at Sports Illustrated’s top college football analysts taking a guess at who would have won tonight:

Wait Coach! Single and Meyer had Clemson winning tonight. Explain that! Peek at the article. They both had Clemson winning by 4. Even those experts were off by two touchdowns and a field goal.

So what? Clemson won. Go away Bama. Everyone wanted you to lose and you did. Peace out… it’s over.

Fun fact guys- it’s not over. Alabama isn’t going anywhere. Before we dive into the future though, let’s talk about the past. Alabama has had the best 10 year run of any collegiate football team in my short lifetime. Here’s the recap, try to find the pattern.

2010 – Alabama over Texas. At this point, most college football fans would say… “Hell yes! We won back in 2009, we are good!”

2011- Auburn over Oregon. SEC! SEC! SEC!

2012- Alabama over LSU. Now we have two championships in three years. We are already talking about a Bama dynasty.

2013- Alabama over Notre Dame. Okay Alabama has a dynasty. Whatever, who’s going to be next?

2014- Florida St. over Auburn. Holy shit, Auburn has been in two natty’s in that last four years. Are they they new Alabama? Spoiler alert: they aren’t.

2015- Ohio St. over Oregon. THE BIG TEN IS BACK! Then we (yes “we”, I’m a Michigan fan) went away forever.

2016- Alabama over Clemson. Round 1, Bama wins. Yawn.

2017- Clemson over Alabama. Round 2. Well, Auburn disappeared so I guess Clemson is the new Alabama.

2018- Alabama over Georgia. This is when people really started cheering against Alabama. All of those people, including me, had their hearts ripped out in overtime. Bama wins again.

2019- Clemson over Alabama. Round 3. You all saw what happened tonight. Clemson takes the series lead in the Swinney/Saban era. This would give some people pause to think Clemson is the new Bama. Keep reading.

Listen, I love me some Clemson. They have a fiery coach ala one of my favorite coaches in recent memory, P.J. Fleck. Wait did I just work a P.J. Fleck WMU video into my Bama blog. I did. Get ready to run through a brick wall.

Okay back to Clemson. They are a perfect runner up of best teams in the last ten years. Bama is still on top, though. Let’s do a quick comparison.

Which would you rather have? Even the 2nd best team of the last ten years has three less championships, four less appearances, 200% less Heisman’s, and no cool nicknames. Bama Bama Bama Bama.

A quick Google search will tell you that Alabama still isn’t going anywhere either. Check out this shit for next year’s recruiting class…

Normally I don’t put much stock into recruiting. Mainly because I’m way to lazy to research high school athletes to determine if they are actually good or not. These are not normal circumstances though. We are talking about the freight train that is Bama (roll damn tide). If you already are the best team and you keep getting the best athletes, things aren’t going to change. Even the 2nd best team of the last 10 years has the 6th best recruiting class next year. Are you excited about that as a Tigers fan?

Hypothetical for all you Alabama haters out there, of which I know there are many. Would you gamble a month’s pay that Alabama will NOT win it all next year? I’d argue in the scenario of Bama vs. the field, I’m still laying my money on the Crimson Tide.

Watching tonight’s game proved a few things for me. As a Michigan fan, I learned that we are never going to win a championship. The athletes I watched tonight from both teams are so superior to my favorite team that I can’t even get excited about Michigan’s unbelievably weak schedule next year.

I also learned that no matter how much you hate a dynasty, sometimes it’s best to embrace it and appreciate the greatness. Eventually my son will look back on this era and ask about Alabama. I can either be a bitter old man and talk about how much I hated them for being so good… or I can explain to him that it was one of the greatest dynasties of my time. Hopefully YouTube will still be around so I can show him this clip:

That might be the only thing I’ll show him. I’ll just say, “You want to know what Alabama was all about in their prime? Check this out son.”

So let’s all celebrate tonight. Big bad Bama is holding they L, but if you think this is the last time you’ll see them playing on a Monday night… give it about 364 days.


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