No Country For Old Chef

It’s midnight. I just got done re-watching “No Country For Old Men” – an old Oscar winner with Tommy Lee Jones. My wife, who is fast asleep next to me had never seen it. Throughout the movie a crazy dude is killing anyone and anything while chasing another guy who stole some money. But because it’s an Oscar winner it had to have a dumb ending that left a bunch of loose ends. 

At the end Court proclaimed “That made no sense.” 

I tried to tell her the movie was essentially about old guys not getting the world we live in today and the fear we have of the inevitable overtaking by the idiot youth of the nation. 

“Well, that makes it even dumber”

No argument here babe……But wait….Am I Tommy Lee Jones? Have I become the crusty old man that refuses to get a social media account? That needs his son to connect his phone to the WI-FI? Hell, it took me 5 minutes and a google search to figure out I own a Mac which doesn’t have Microsoft word. Theres a thing called “pages,” huh. Who knew. 

Yeah, the chef is old school. A relic. 

Admittedly I do very little on the technical side of the podcast. OK, I do nothing. But I still feel like I bring a valuable piece to the puzzle that is BDAB. And that, my friends, is the other side of the bridge. Let me explain.

In the words of the great Peter Griffin “Now, I may be an Idiot, but there is one thing I am not, sir, and that, sir, is an idiot.” This has nothing to do with the explanation, I just thought it was funny.

Back to the point about the bridge ……..on one side, there’s Coach who appeals to Generation Snowflake. Emotionally challenged and fragile, they stand on that side complaining there isn’t any free wi-fi, while thumbing their noses up to the peeps on my side. The side filled with pay-phones and cassette players. yup, shots fired. In the middle of the bridge, our listeners. The ability for our listeners to walk either way on that bridge is like a warm comforting blanket. It also gives us a much wider bridge. To expand to all people, no matter how crusty or new. 

With your help I hope to grow younger, understand twitter, and maybe even learn how to post this blog. ( I am about to ask my wife to print this for me so I can hand it to Coach. How it ends up on the website is beyond me.)

Anyway, just wanted to give a little insight into the Chef, and say thank you for listening. We are fully committed to this thing and I hope we never let you down.


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  1. Chef Jeff,
    I am 66 years old and bought my oldest son a TANDY 1000 from Radio Shack back in 1983. It was a DOS computer and he mastered it. How I learned about his mastery is when I received a phone bill of 250 dollars (most likely 2500 in today’s market) for the new feature he discovered called the internet. My landline phone bill (no not a party line like my grandma had) was billed by how many minutes I used in a month. The downloads took me over the monthly allowable usage and I freaked out. He explained it was only for beyond local calls and he promised to not do that again. The next bill was considerably less, but still more than a factory worker that lived paycheck to paycheck wanted to owe. Today my son is a web designer and talks several foreign languages (all in English) that were created by the cyber lords of the binary arts regime. If I could back up in that Delorean I would have worked a couple more extra shifts to allow him the freedom to explore in more depth the revolution earmarked in history (one day) comparable to the Industrial Revolution that made farmers factory workers and turned landscapes into native-less sterility.

    So, hold onto that Court you cuddled with, shoot a few hoops with the kids in the hood, save me a shot of Woodford and embrace the chills you get at the rink when someone special lands a lutz.

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