What The Hell Are We Doing?

This whole “Bring Dad a Beer” thing has been a few years in the making. But it was only a few months ago that Chef Jeff and I finally sat down and started having a real conversation about what things could actually look like.

As a former teacher turned stay at home dad (SAHD), I also didn’t know what I was getting myself into when that job started. 2018 has been a year of a lot of firsts. BDAB has consumed every free moment of time in my brain. Back in October, Chef and I had a serious conversation about what the hell we are doing with our lives. Without being too revealing, we lacked a bit of purpose. Sure, going to his garage every night and playing dinger (drinking game, for a future blog) was fun- but we needed to put our efforts into something else.

That being said, we are both fucking hilarious. I’ve never hung out with this guy without laughing my ass off. So basically a lightbulb finally went off in our heads. Let’s buy some microphones, throw them in front of our faces, get some beers, and have one of the conversations recorded.

After a few practice runs, writing a few scripts, and a lot of brainstorming, here we are; Official Podcast Hosts.

Our situation as partners in this BDAB endeavor is extremely unique. Chef and I live across the street from each other and on that same street is even more family. In fact, our neighborhood contains 10 kids who are cousins to each other. Every night is just a few bottles of wine away from a family gathering turning into a party.

Additionally our angle as SAHDs in the south offers some crazy stories. You would think we were living in the 1940’s with some of the reactions we get about being men that take care of children instead of working. “Aww daddy’s day out with the kids?” No bitch, this is my everyday life and I just need some bread and milk.

Most of our conversations and practice runs leading up to now have centered around how ridiculous this whole idea is. Every time we had that conversation, however, we always came back to the same conclusion. One of two things is going to happen with this podcast.

#1. No one will ever listen to it so who gives a shit. Let’s just do it for fun.


#2 Everyone in the world is going to listen to this and we are going to be bazillionaires.

Honestly, the beauty about where Chef and I are at in our lives right now is that either way it goes, we will be fine. Thanks to our successful wives, we are able to take this “gamble” if you want to call it that.

As I tell more people about the pod, I can see this look in their eyes like “this guy is a fucking moron, this shit will never work…” And they might be right. That’s when I pull out the ultimate trump card:

We will have audio files forever and our kids can go back and listen to how awesome we used to be before we became senile old men. In addition to that, interviews on this podcast will include amazing conversations with their grandparents and other family members. These are people that may be gone before our kids are old enough to appreciate how awesome THEY are.

So when all is said and done, why the hell are we doing this? Well my answer is convoluted. Maybe I’m a narcissist to think people will actually listen. Maybe it’s because I love my kids so much I want them to have something to remember me by. Maybe I actually think this thing might get legs and go somewhere.


Maybe we are just a couple of dudes that like to drink and shoot the shit.

Come shoot some shit with us. BDAB baby!


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